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Chow Pei Breed Information

Chow Pei

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Living with a Chow Pei

Personality: The Chow Pei is a regal, dignified, intelligent and alert dog.

Family Dog: The Chow Pei makes a great family dog and is good with children if mutual respect has been established.

Grooming: The coat of the Chow Pei should be brushed regularly.

Training: The Chow Pei requires firm consistent training.

Barking: The Chow Pei is not much of a barker. They may bark when scared or frustrated.

Exercise: The Chow Pei requires lots of daily exercise.

Living Conditions: The Chow Pei can adapt to city or country life.

Chow Pei Appearance

Appearance: The Chow Pei can have loose wrinkled skin on head and neck resembling a Shar-pei head on a Chow's body.

Size: The average height of the Chow Pei is 18 to 20 inches tall. They have an average weight of 40 to 60 pounds when fully grown.

Companionship: The Chow Pei makes a wonderful companion dog.

Ears: The ears of the Chow Pei resemble those of the Chow.

Color: The coat of the Chow Pei can be any solid color and sable, albino or brindle. They can have a brown head, black face and a white body with brown spots.

Coat: The coat of the Chow Pei is usually long and soft and quite thick during winter.

Chow Pei Facts

Life Expectancy: The average life expectancy of the Chow Pei is 11 to 15 years of age.

Chow Pei Health

Health: The Chow Pei may be prone to entropion.

Eye Health: The Chow Pei may have lids that are turned inside as with most Chows. They can get irritated every couple of weeks.

Dental Health: The Chow Pei typically has great dental health.

Chow Pei History

History: The Chow Pei was originally bred to be an all-purpose farm and hunting dog.

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