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Sharpull Terrier Breed Information

Sharpull Terrier

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Caring for a Sharpull Terrier

Feeding: Sharpull Terriers can gain weight quickly so it is important to keep track of how much they eat.

Living with a Sharpull Terrier

Temperament: Sharpull Terriers are quiet, independant, loyal and loving dogs. They are dominant and agressive dogs that love people.

Family Dog: Sharpull Terriers can make great family pets, if properly trained and raised with children.

Shedding: Sharpull Terriers do shed, but mostly in the spring.

Grooming: Sharpull Terriers should be brushed once a day while they are shedding, otherwise once a week should be sufficient.

Training: Sharpull Terriers are very stubborn dogs which can affect their training.

Barking: Sharpull Terriers are not known for their barking.

Weather: Sharpull Terriers enjoy the rain.

Exercise: Sharpull Terriers need daily exercise and enjoy long walks.

Living Conditions: Sharpull Terriers make good apartment dogs provided they are exercised or taken on long walks.

Sharpull Terrier Appearance

Appearance: Sharpull Terriers are short dogs with a heavy build.

Size: Sharpull Terriers weigh around 60 lbs.

Ears: Sharpull Terriers are prone to ear infections. It is very important to keep their ears clean.

Feet: Sharpull Terriers have dainty feet.

Color: Sharpull Terriers can have a black coat.

Coat: Sharpull Terriers have a medium length coat much like that of a Shar-pei.

Sharpull Terrier Facts

Characteristics: Sharpull Terriers are stubborn, quiet, dominant, aloof, very loyal, smart dogs.

Sharpull Terrier Health

Eye Health: Like Shar-peis, Sharpull Terriers can suffer from inverted eyelids.

Dental Health: Sharpull Terriers have good dental health, but their teeth should be brushed as recommended, usually 2-3 times per week.

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