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Boston Iggy Breed Information

Boston Iggy

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Living with a Boston Iggy

Personality: The Boston Iggy is a sweet, independent dog.

Family Dog: The Boston Iggy makes a good family dog.

Behavior: The Boston Iggy may show sight-hound tendencies outdoors and should probably not be off leash unless in an enclosed area.

Barking: The Boston Iggy is generally a quiet dog who rarely barks.

Boston Iggy Appearance

Companionship: The Boston Iggy makes a wonderful companion dog.

Eyes: The Boston Iggy may have eyes that bug out some like the Boston Terrier.

Body: The Boston Iggy has a sturdy, althletic, muscular build.

Color: The coat of the Boston Iggy may be Brindle in color.

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