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Spanierd Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Living with a Spanierd

Personality: The Spanierd has a very good personality. They love to carry stuff in their mouth and can be a clown.

Family Dog: The Spanierd is very friendly and good with children and other animals.

Grooming: The Spanierd has long hair that needs daily grooming.

Behavior: The Spanierd is very tuned into body language and has major urges to circle like a working Spaniel so it can be difficult to heel train them.

Barking: The Spanierd barks when excited.

Exercise: Spanierds will take as much exercise as you can give them but they need a minimum of 90 minutes a day.

Spanierd Appearance

Appearance: The Spanierd has black and tan marks similar to the German Shepherd with long hair and the height of a Spaniel.

Color: The coat of the Spanierd is black and tan.

Coat: The Spanierd has long, soft hair similar to a long haired German Shepherd Dog.

Spanierd Facts

Characteristics: The Spanierd is excellent at agility, but sometimes the nose takes over!

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