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Golden Dox Breed Information

Golden Dox

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Living with a Golden Dox

Family Dog: The Golden Dos is great with kids but not good with cats.

Barking: The Golden Dox barks only when strangers are around.

Golden Dox Appearance

Appearance: The Golden Dox is a gorgeous dog with long golden hair, but short and long like the Dachshund.

Size: The Golden Dox weighs around 40 pounds when fully grown.

Companionship: The Golden Dox is Comfortable on your lap or on the floor. They love to sleep in your bed without taking up too much room.

Ears: The ears of the Golden Dox are folded over like both the Dachshund and Golden Retriever.

Teeth/Bite: The teeth of the Golden Dox are great and only suffer from age wear. They typically don't lose any teeth. They have the bite of a Golden with large mouth and teeth.

Body: The Golden Dox has a long muscular frame.

Feet: The Golden Doxie's front feet tend to turn outward.

Color: The coat of the Golden Dox can be golden and white in color.

Coat: The Golden Doxie's coat is medium length and rough.

Golden Dox Facts

Life Expectancy: The Golden Dox can live to be up to 17 years old or more.

Characteristics: The Golden Dox is a protective and loyal dog.

Golden Dox Health

Allergies: The Golden Dox has bad allergic reactions to fleas and ear mites.

Health: The overall health of the Golden Dox is wonderful. They may be prone to gettin fatty tumors.

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