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Yorkiechi Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Yorkie-Chi, Yorkchi, York-Chi, Chiyorkie
See Also: Chorkie

Caring for a Yorkiechi

Feeding: They require regular feeding schedules of quality food. Smaller meals throughout the day are recommended. Skipping meals on the tiny dogs can lead to hypoglycemia (sugar crashes). Once housetrained free feeding is recommended so they can eat whenever they need to.

Living with a Yorkiechi

Personality: Daring, bold and courageous. Sweet, loving and devoted to it's family. They are fearless, proud and attentive to their surroundings.

Temperament: Loving and friendly to family. Usually reserved with strangers but should warm up in time to newcomers if not rushed. Should not be nippy. They can be talkative by nature and make excellent watch dogs. Need lots of socialization while young to be exceptive of new people and places.

Family Dog: Versatility! They make excellent family dogs for those looking for a portable dog that can go along with the active family, or stay at home companions for the quiet or elderly home. Due to their size they are not recommended for families with toddlers and young children unless ALWAYS supervised and children are taught to be gentle and respect the tiny size of their companions.

Shedding: Non-shedding to low shedding on smooth coats.

Grooming: Grooming the long and medium coats is needed on a regular basis to keep hair tangle free and flowing nicely. Daily brushing is recommended for the long coats with less needed for the medium coats. Bathing depends on each dog and is normally every couple weeks, over-bathing can cause dry skin problems. The smoother coated variety need less grooming and a simple wipe down with a wet cloth and gentle quick brushing to remove dead hairs once a week is fine with less full baths needed. Nails should be clipped on a regular basis such as weekly or bi-weekly. Teeth need to be cleaned for tooth health and fresher breath and dental cleanings should be done at your vet's suggestion.

Training: Housetraining can take longer and be a bit challenging with toy breeds but consistency along with crate training and regular feeding schedules will accomplish a well mannered dog. Inside training on pads or in litter boxes and outside habits make it easier on bad weather days or when you can't be home to let them out. They are smart and learn quickly the house routines and can be taught amusing tricks, to walk on leash and have proper manners that make them welcome guests and companions.

Behavior: Some may behave just like a Yorkie, doing tricks such as turning around like they do in the circus, some will behave just like a Chihuahua, with the "attitude they are bigger than any dog alive". Some behave like a Chihuahua when they will go get a piece of food, flip it in the air and lay down beside it. Some will want to get "under the covers".

Weather: These little ones are NOT all weather dogs. They are INSIDE house companions and will not survive if left out in the heat/cold/rain/snow. They expect and deserve to be pampered and sheltered from the elements. Most love to wear clothing to suit the temperature or just to look good!

Exercise: They are active little dogs with little exercise requirements. Being a small breed, these little one's can get exercise anywhere from your living room and hallways, to small yards or large parks if supervised. They tend to play hard in short bursts, and then settle down for a cozy nap in their favorite bed or lap. Chasing favorite toys and playing with other size friendly pets is always fun! They love to chew and chewing proper chew bones should be encouraged for good teeth health.

Physical Ability: Running, jumping, bounding around a room/yard, and climbing (love the back of the couch!). Getting into small places! Some may even enjoy agility if done in comparison to their height. Nap time is best! Very long walks may involve being carried most of the way! Get a doggie backpack or stroller!

Living Conditions: Excellent for any type home, apartment, farm.

Yorkiechi Appearance

Appearance: The desired look is of a little terrier being more Yorkie in appearance and non-shedding. They possess an alert, proud and intelligent look. The body is well proportioned. Their head carriage is high and confident in manner and should give the appearance of vigor and self-importance.

Size: The size of a Yorkiechi should not exceed 7 lbs.

Companionship: Yorkiechis make delightful, loving companions who return the same devotion and unconditional love to their family. They love nothing more than to cuddle in a cozy chair with you or sleep in bed next to you. They will delight you with their whimsical ways and intelligence! They will demand attention and will insist on being a complete part of the family! They will warm your heart and home!

Nose: Black is the dominant, however chocolate nose may be present in a genetically chocolate dog.

Eyes: Rounded of medium size and dark in color with an intelligent look.

Ears: Erect and medium in size and proportion to the head, V-shaped sitting upright from the top of the head and facing forward in an alert look.

Teeth/Bite: The Yorkiechi should have an even scissor or level bite accepted. Dental health is vital for the wellbeing of the toy breeds. Neat even teeth do best and baby teeth or teeth out of place should be pulled by your vet.

Body: Well proportioned with a level top line. The back can be slightly longer than the height. Overall compact look with a shorter leg preferred. Forelegs should be straight, elbows neither in nor out. Hind legs straight when viewed from behind, but stifles are moderately bent when viewed from the sides.

Gait: Some can have a "prancing" gait.

Tail: The Yorkiechis tail should be docked no less than 1/4 and no more than 1/3 in length for a medium length carried slightly higher than the level of the back.

Color: Preferred is the golden or tan face/head/crown and legs with varied shades of blue or black on the body, typical of the Yorkie look. Other shades, colors and variations may occur and can include any other color from the Chihuahua background. Colors may change as pups mature, as in the yorkie coloring pups are born black with tan markings that change as they mature into the golden head and blue/black body.

Coat: Varieties in coat will include the preferred long coat as well as medium and smooth coats at times due to the Chihuahua genetics. The preferred long coated types should be straight with little to no wave, fine and silky and non-shedding typical of a Yorkie coat type. Hair on head and body is long and flowing with legs having a medium to long length hair. Ears can be fringed or smooth. Hair on tips of ears and feet may be trimmed for a neater appearance. (Ears trimmed on the top 1/3). Long coats should also be trimmed at floor length for ease of movement. Medium coated lengths are also of straight fine and of silky nature, not curly. The body, head and legs will have a medium length hair, with fringing possible on ears, legs and hindquarters and can be non-shedding to low shedding. The mane area around the neck may be slightly more profuse. Trimming of ears and feet for neatness is accepted. The short coat hair variety will be smooth, short and flat to the body. The smooth coat may be low shedding. Curly coats are not accepted in any coat variety.

Yorkiechi Facts

Life Expectancy: These little ones can bless your life for 12-15 yrs or more is some cases. Be ready for a life time commitment!

Characteristics: Yorkichis are intelligent, loving and loyal to family and friends. Whimsical and playful dogs that prefer human friendships but also accepting of other dogs/pets especially of their own kind and/or size. Fearless and proud they may challenge things beyond their limits. Lovers of comfort and pampering they are excellent lap dogs. Being small framed they require owners to recognize their small stature and protect them from dangers of larger pets/ rough children and high places they may fearlessly jump off.

More Info: The Yorkiechi should consist of being genetically more than ½ Yorkshire Terrier in breeding to help produce the more desired Terrier look. Variations in type, coat and color can still exist in each litter due to the Chihuahua influence.

Yorkiechi Health

Health: Although the Yorkichi is mostly healthy, teeth and small leg joints (luxating patellas) are issues with all toy breeds, as well as hypoglycemia and liver shunt issues.

Litter Size: Depends on the size of the female but can be 1-5 with 2-3 being average.

* The most accurate way to determine characteristics of a mixed breed is by researching the parent breeds.
** Not all dogs being represented by this name consist of the exact percentages listed above.
*** It is important to do research on your dog's history before choosing a dog. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate information possible about each breed.

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