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Cardoodle Poogi Breed Information

Cardoodle Poogi

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR

Caring for a Cardoodle Poogi

Feeding: Cardoodle Poogies do best on a low fat diet and should only be given treats sparingly. They do best being feed in a place where they feel their food is safe from other animals. They like to eat a bit at a time, and become very possessive and protective of their food.

Living with a Cardoodle Poogi

Temperament: Cardoodle Poogies are even tempered, loyal, affectionate, tough and fearless dogs. They are very sweet and friendly dogs who Will absolutely demand your undivided attention and will test your patience - as true to the Corgi personality they care little about rules, and seem to be amused when they break them. They're extremely difficult to housebreak. They will go as soon as you let them outside, but will go in the house again within 15 minutes of being back in the house. Patience is a virtue with these little guys. But they're definitely worth it!

Family Dog: Cardoodle Poogies make ideal family dogs. They are good with children if socialized early and make perfect dogs for the elderly or handicapped people. Cardoodle Poogies are good companions but some have a tendency to nip or be intolerant of teasing.

Shedding: Cardoodle Poogies are low to no shedding dogs.

Grooming: Cardoodle Poogies seem to have the best of both worlds! They don't shed and do not need to be taken to a groomer. However, they should be brushed regularly to keep their coat in good health.

Training: Cardoodle Poogies are intelligent dogs that are eager to learn, very obedient but require some patience to train. Corgis are difficult to train, and these dogs seem to get the Corgi personality and traits. They require a great deal of time and patience and teaching. They're extremely bright and seem to grasp everything you're trying to teach them right off the bat - the problem is that they don't really care. So it just takes time. Plus, their bladders are not fully developed until after their 1st birthday.

Barking: Cardoodle Poogies may barks like Corgis when things spark their interest or for attention.

Weather: Cardoodle Poogies are better suited for warmer climates.

Exercise: Cardoodle Poogies do need a fair amount of exercise, as he is part Corgi. They typically enjoy running.

Cardoodle Poogi Appearance

Appearance: Cardoodle Poogies are small, strong dogs with semi-short legs. They may have loose limbs like a Corgi, and floppy ears like a poodle.

Size: Cardoodle Poogies are about 10-12 inches tall and weigh 10-38 pounds when fully grown.

Color: Cardoodle Poogies can have coats in all shades of red, sable, brindle, black with or without tan points, blue merle with or without tan points and flashings of white. Some may be black with white coloring on their chest area.

Coat: Cardoodle Poogies have medium length double coats. Their topcoat is thick, wirey, protective and waterproof. Their undercoat is soft and insulating. Cardoodle Poogies tend to have long and short hair throughout their coats.

Cardoodle Poogi Facts

Life Expectancy: Cardoodle Poogies can live to be 12-14 years old.

Characteristics: Cardoodle Poogies are extremely bright dogs. The are sturdy, powerful and active dogs. Cardoodle Poogies are very affectionate and will demand your undivided attention. They can be a bit mischevious and inquisitive with little regard to the rules. sturdy, powerful, tough, fast, active and have great endurance.

More Info: Cardoodle Poogies may nip at heels, some may not be good with other pets and may be wary of strangers. The are ideal companion dogs, livestock drivers, and watchdogs. Cardoodle Poogies are adaptable to city or country life.

Cardoodle Poogi Health

Health: Cardoole Poogies have a tendency to gain weight easily.

* The most accurate way to determine characteristics of a mixed breed is by researching the parent breeds.
** Not all dogs being represented by this name consist of the exact percentages listed above.
*** It is important to do research on your dog's history before choosing a dog. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate information possible about each breed.

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