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Pugglepoo Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
Mispellings: Puglepoo

Caring for a Pugglepoo

Feeding: The Pugglepoo should be fed twice a day and are typically great eaters.

Living with a Pugglepoo

Personality: The Pugglepoo is a very spunky, friendly, lovable and adorable dog.

Temperament: The Pugglepoo has a wonderful temperament.

Family Dog: The Pugglepoo is definitely a family dog who loves all people, especially kids and all other animals, including cats. Some can be shy or timid.

Shedding: The coat of the Pugglepoo is low to no-shedding. The longer the coat gets the more it sheds.

Grooming: The coat of the Pugglepoo definitely requires grooming and should be cut every 4 months.

Training: The Pugglepoo responds well to training and learn new trick rather quickly.

Barking: The Pugglepoo like to bark to announce visitors. They can have the Beagle howl or bay, especially when they want something.

Weather: The Pugglepoo does not mind rain, sleet, snow or thunder.

Exercise: The Pugglepoo has a lot of energy as a puppy and will typically calm down significantly after a year old. They love to play fetch, go to the dog park and play in water.

Physical Ability: The Pugglepoo can jump higher than most dogs of their size and build. They run very fast.

Pugglepoo Appearance

Size: The Pugglepoo is around 11 pounds and 10 inches tall.

Companionship: The Pugglepoo is a great companion dog who loves to be around people, especially their owners. They tend to follow their owners around the house and love to snuggles up next to them at night.

Head: The head of the Pugglepoo is very well proportioned to their body and can have a slight heart-shape to it.

Nose: The nose of the Pugglepoo is shorter than that of a Beagle or a Poodle and longer than a Pug's.

Eyes: The eyes of the Pugglepoo are dark brown in color. They can have eyes that look like a Pug's eyes, but not as buggy. Others can have more Poodle looking eyes.

Ears: The ears of the Pugglepoo are floppy similar to a pugs.

Teeth/Bite: The Pugglepoo may have a slight under-bite.

Body: The Pugglepoo looks like a cross between a Poodle and a Beagle with legs that are longer than a Poodle's. The can have a stock build.

Feet: The feet of the Pugglepoo are little and very cute.

Tail: The tail of the Pugglepoo can curl up like a Pug's or be straight.

Color: The coat of the Pugglepoo can be black & white or black.

Coat: The coat of the Pugglepoo can be soft, but slightly wiry or shiny and smooth.

Pugglepoo Health

Allergies: The Pugglepoo does not have any known allergies at this time.

Litter Size: The average litter size of a Pugglepoo is around 4 pups.

* The most accurate way to determine characteristics of a mixed breed is by researching the parent breeds.
** Not all dogs being represented by this name consist of the exact percentages listed above.
*** It is important to do research on your dog's history before choosing a dog. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate information possible about each breed.

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