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Lhasapoo Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Lhasa-Poo, Lapoo
Mispellings: Lhasopoo, Lhsapoo, Llasapoo, Llapsopoo, Lapsapoo

Living with a Lhasapoo

Personality: The Lhasapoo is a very loving and playful dog.

Temperament: The Lhasapoo is an expressive and loveable dog. They are very close to their family and cautios around strangers. Lhasapoos may show signs of timidness.

Family Dog: Lhasapoos are great companions and do well with children and other pets. They seem to love everyone they meet.

Shedding: The Lhasapoo is a low to no shed dog.

Grooming: Lhasapoos have a luxurious coat that needs to be brushed or combed at least every other day. They should be bathed only when necessary. It is recommended to visit a professional groomer occassionally.

Training: The Lhasapoo can be stubborn.

Behavior: The Lhasapoo loves to snuggle and play. They are very loving dogs who are extremely loyal and protective of their owner especially the person who does the majority of the training.

Barking: The Lhasapoo typically barks when visitors arrive or to alert you when something may be wrong. Some like to bark during play-time also.

Weather: The Lhasapoo tolerates heat well but hates the extreme cold. Most do not tolerate wet weather or snow either.

Exercise: Lhasapoos have an average energy level. They are a small dog and can get plenty of exercise indoors, but Lhasapoos do enjoy outdoors walks and play time. They especially love chasing the ball and other toys.

Living Conditions: Lhasapoos are indoor dogs. They are active and can get plenty of exercise and physical activity inside.

Lhasapoo Appearance

Appearance: The Lhasapoo has a very soft coat with Brown and Black tones.

Size: Lhasapoo are between 9 to 13 inches and weigh between 6 to 16 pounds when fully grown.

Companionship: The Lhasapoo is a great companion dog who likes to be by your side especially if they are trained as a service dog as that is their job.

Tail: The tail of the Lhasapoo curls over back and separates.

Color: Lhasapoos can come in any color or color combination including brindle consisting of black with gold and silver.

Coat: The Lhasapoo has long, silky, wavy hair.

Lhasapoo Facts

Characteristics: The Lhasapoo can be trained as a service dog.

Lhasapoo Health

Allergies: The Lhasapoo is a hypoallergenic dog.

Health: The overall health of the Lhasapoo is excellent. They may have trouble with "nervous tinkling" and a very sensitive stomach. It is recommended to give them only a high quality food and no table scraps or they may have bloody vomit and diarrhea.

* The most accurate way to determine characteristics of a mixed breed is by researching the parent breeds.
** Not all dogs being represented by this name consist of the exact percentages listed above.
*** It is important to do research on your dog's history before choosing a dog. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate information possible about each breed.

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