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Fourche Terrier Breed Information

Fourche Terrier

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
Mispellings: Fouche Terrier

Caring for a Fourche Terrier

Feeding: The Fourche Terrier has a hearty appetite.

Living with a Fourche Terrier

Personality: The Fourche Terrier is an extremely intelligent, affectionate, playful, loyal dog that can be stubborn at times.

Family Dog: The Fourche Terrier is a very protective dog and is good with children and adults.

Shedding: The Fourche Terrier is considered a low to no shed dog.

Grooming: The coat of the Fourche Terrier should be brushed frequently to keep it from matting.

Barking: The Fourche Terrier is not known to be a barker.

Weather: The Fourche Terrier can tolerate warm weather but does not do well in the cold.

Exercise: The Fourche Terrier enjoys a brisk walk, playing in a fenced yard or playing fetch.

Fourche Terrier Appearance

Appearance: If coat of the Fourche Terrier is left unclipped they look like a small sheepdog.

Size: The Fourche Terrier can weigh up to 26 pounds with an overall height of 11 inches at the whithers and a length of 15 inches from collar to base of tail.

Companionship: The Fourche Terrier makes a wonderful companion dog.

Color: The shiny coat of the Fourche Terrier can be black brindle, black and tan, black and rust or various shades of brown. It is common to have white patches on the toes, white chest and beard.

Coat: The Fourche Terrier has a thick coat.

Fourche Terrier Facts

Life Expectancy: The Fourche Terrier can live to be 15 years of age or more.

Fourche Terrier Health

Skin Health: The Fourche Terrier may be susceptible to Pruritus, a skin condition that causes them to itch. It may be a seasonal issue or need constant care.

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