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Wauzer Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
Mispellings: Wauser, Wowser, Wowzer

Caring for a Wauzer

Feeding: The Wauzer can be fed twice a day around 3/4 of a cup daily.

Living with a Wauzer

Personality: The Wauzer is an outgoing and sweet dog but a true Terrier.

Temperament: The Wauzer is very smart and can learn anything.

Family Dog: The Wauzer makes a great family dog.

Shedding: The Wauzer does shed a bit especially in their bed but other than that they don't shed much.

Grooming: The Wauzer requires brushing regularly as they do get mats on their legs, belly and head.

Behavior: The Wauzer is a playful, affectionate, smart, adorable watch dog who loves to dig, swim and play tug of war. They can be chewers so care should be taken to make sure they never chew anything that isn't a toy. They love to prance when walking.

Barking: The Wauzer definitely barks to alert you, but also can become a nusance. With some training this can be helped.

Exercise: The Wauzer likes to have daily walks or some form of excercise especially if they were walked as a puppy as they can fall into the routine.

Physical Ability: The Wauzer can jump incredibly high and would make a great rally or agility dog.

Living Conditions: The Wauzer can make a great dog for someone with a small yard provided they get regular walks.

Wauzer Appearance

Appearance: The Wauzer is a small black brindle or mostly black dog with a shaggy appearance, button ears and a long tail. They have shorter but not short legs and a longer body, like a Westie.

Size: The Wauzer is a medium-sized dog weighing aroun 15 pounds.

Companionship: The Wauzer makes a wonderful companion who loves to be with their owner. They love to be lap dogs and will sometimes cry to get into your lap. They are a great mix of a hardy dog and a lover.

Eyes: The eyes of the Wauzer can be brown in color.

Ears: The Wauzer has button ears.

Teeth/Bite: The require frequent cleaning.

Body: The Wauzer has a stocky build with short legs and a longer body. They are very hardy and not fragile.

Gait: The Wauzer has a quick gait, with a hopping sort of run.

Feet: The Wauzer has small feet.

Color: The coat of the Wauzer can be black brindle or black with white on the chin and chest with reddish puppy fur on flank.

Coat: The Wauzer has a coarse, double coat.

Wauzer Facts

Characteristics: The Wauzer makes a great watch dog. They will give a low growl to alert you of things outside.

Wauzer Health

Allergies: May be allergic to some proteins and airborne pollen.

Ear Health: Multiple ear infections, extra care is required.

Dental Health: The teeth of the Wauzer may require a regular scaling, which can be done at home.

Litter Size: The average litter size of the Wauzer is around 6 puppies.

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