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Golden Newfie Breed Information

Golden Newfie

Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Golden Newfy
Mispellings: GoldenNewfie, GoldenNewfy

Caring for a Golden Newfie

Feeding: The Golden Newfie requires lots of food daily.

Living with a Golden Newfie

Personality: The Golden Newfie is definitely a people pleaser.

Family Dog: The Golden Newfie can make a great family dog as long as you teach not to jump. They are extremely social with people and other dogs.

Shedding: The Golden Newfie is an average shedder.

Grooming: The coat of the Golden Newfie should be brushed at least once a week. The area on the hindlegs is the worst area for matting and should be brushed often especially during shedding season.

Training: The Golden Newfie should be trained as a puppy or they will rule the house.

Barking: The Golden Newfie only seems to bark when required. They can be protective of their property and give a low growl when strangers approach their property. They like to give friendly barks when friends approach.

Weather: The Golden Newfie does best in mild climates as their thick coat makes hotter climates challenging on them.

Exercise: The Golden Newfie needs plenty of daily exercise. They enjoy long walks, skijourning, hiking and make good cycling companions.

Physical Ability: The Golden Newfie has average physical ability for a large dog.

Living Conditions: The Golden Newfie needs lots of area to roam. They do not make good dogs for apartments.

Golden Newfie Appearance

Size: A fully grown Golden Newfie can weigh between 100 to 150 pounds on average.

Companionship: The Golden Newfie makes an amazingly loyal companion who is very sensitive to human moods.

Head: The Golden Newfie has a large, broad head.

Nose: The nose of the Golden Newfie is black in color.

Eyes: The Golden Newfie can have brown, expressive, slightly droopy eyes.

Ears: The ears of the Golden Newfie can be floppy and expressive covered in a light feathering.

Neck: The Golden Newfie has a very thick neck.

Body: The Golden Newfie has a large, stocky, muscular build with a big chest.

Forequarters: The forequarters of the Golden Newfie are lightly feathered.

Gait: The Golden Newfie has a proud, prancing gait.

Feet: The Golden Newfie has very large feet webbed with hairy toe tufts.

Tail: The Golden Newfie has a large tail that can easily knock over things on the coffee table, so beware. The tail is covered in a coat of long hair and is very expressive and impressive when fanned out.

Color: The coat of the Golden Newfie can be black in color.

Coat: The Golden Newfie has a very thick coat consisting of a long, silky outercoat and a thick, soft undercoat. They have a thick and furry coat around the neck, short featherings on the forelegs and ears and fluffy pantaloons on hindlegs. They can have skin that is blue in color.

Golden Newfie Facts

Life Expectancy: The Golden Newfie has an average life expectancy of 11 years.

Characteristics: The Golden Newfie is a very loyal dog who is very responsive to their owner.

Golden Newfie Health

Ear Health: The Golden Newfie may have occasional seasonal mild fungal growth which can be controlled with gentle cleaning.

Golden Newfie History

History: The Golden Newfie has been mainly a pet and sometime used in water rescues.

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** Not all dogs being represented by this name consist of the exact percentages listed above.
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