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Spanador Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Cockador, Cockerdor
Mispellings: Spandor

Living with a Spanador

Personality: The Spandor is a happy, friendly, loyal, jealous, crazy bundle of joy that loves walks other dogs and people. They love playing ball and carrying one around. They just love everybody and everything.

Temperament: The Spandor is never agressive but loves a good play fight. They are very sweet, playful dogs who can be reserved around new people until they warm up to them.

Family Dog: The Spanador is a great family dog. They are typically very gentle with children, smaller dogs and cats. They can be rambunctious at times so care should be taken around the elderly or small children.

Shedding: Depending on the coat, the Spandor can be a low to heavy shedding dog.

Grooming: The Spanador requires daily brushing as their coat gets matted easily, especially the fluffy hair on the legs during the winter.

Training: The Spandor is a great dog to train. They may have some jumping issues though and should be trained not to jump at a young age. The Spandor may be hard to crate train as they do not like to seperate from their owners or other companions. Start crate-training at a young age to help eliminate this.

Behavior: The Spandor is a loyal, smart, energetic and loving dog who absolutely loves attention.

Barking: The Spandor barks when they want to play, feel scared or threatened, when someone comes to the door or sometimes in their sleep. They have a deep, Lab-like bark and like to grunt.

Weather: The Spanador loves all weather.

Exercise: The Spanador loves walks, the park and the beach but they can also be happy curled up on the sofa beside you. They are happy with one long walk and play daily as well as longer country walks. They can be over exercised especially when young so you should build up to longer walks and make sure they have a day of rest every couple of days.

Physical Ability: The Spandor can be a jumper, with the ability to jump on to or off of tall objects. They can even jump very high to see out windows.

Spanador Appearance

Size: The Spandor is around 20 inches tall.

Companionship: The Spandor makes a great companion dog. They love being with any living thing. They are very social and loyal dogs. They love to sleep right in your lap no matter how big they get. They don't like being left alone and will follow their owner from room to room.

Eyes: The eyes of the Spandor can be blue or brown in color.

Ears: The Spandor has long ears, though not quite as long as a Cocker Spaniel's. The coat on the ears can get matted easily due to the hair length and curls.

Body: The Spandor has a small to medium, athletic body like a Labrador Retriever, but with shorter legs.

Forequarters: The front legs of the Spandor are shorter than a Lab's.

Tail: It is possible for the Spandor to be born without a long tail looking like it was docked halfway up or they can have a long tail.

Color: The coat of the Spandor can be black or light tan with a few white patches and markings.

Coat: The Spandor's coat is medium to long, very soft, shiny and can be curly.

Spanador Health

Allergies: The Spandaor may have issues with dry skin.

* The most accurate way to determine characteristics of a mixed breed is by researching the parent breeds.
** Not all dogs being represented by this name consist of the exact percentages listed above.
*** It is important to do research on your dog's history before choosing a dog. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate information possible about each breed.

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