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Bo-Dach Breed Information


Recognized By: DBR , IDCR
AKA: Boston-Weenie
Mispellings: Boston-Wiennie

Living with a Bo-Dach

Family Dog: The Bo-Dach is a great family dog. They are willing to play for hours and are typically great with children. They love to play games, learn things and be with people.

Barking: The Bo-Dach barks when they are playing or excited.

Exercise: The Bo-Dach is fairly energetic and requires a moderate amount of exercise.

Bo-Dach Appearance

Appearance: The body of the Bo-Dach is long with a slightly squared face, large feet and ears that prick up.

Companionship: The Bo-Dach is an excellent companion dog. They enjoy snuggling under the covers as well as walking by your side. They love to play with other dog even bigger ones, often provoking them into serious play time.

Eyes: It is possible for the Bo-Dach to have one blue and one brown eye.

Body: The Bo-Dach may have the body of the Dachshund.

Color: The coat of the Bo-Dach can come in a variety of colors including black and white, the traditional Boston coloring.

Bo-Dach Health

Allergies: The Bo-Dach seems to have very few allergies.

Health: The Bo-Dach is a very sturdy and healthy dog.

Eye Health: The eyes of the Bo-Dach may have occassional discharge. They are also prone to pink eye. They should be monitored carefully to catch this early.

Dental Health: The Bo-Dach has excellent teeth.

* The most accurate way to determine characteristics of a mixed breed is by researching the parent breeds.
** Not all dogs being represented by this name consist of the exact percentages listed above.
*** It is important to do research on your dog's history before choosing a dog. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate information possible about each breed.

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