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 Location:Bloomington , IN (United States)

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Name:Charlie MooView My Bio
Breed:ChiweenieView My Gallery
Age:11 years 10 months 24 days

Owner Testimonials

Charlie Moo

I just got my Chiweenie Monday (9.27.10) and she is my baby :) She sleeps in bed with my boyfriend and I every night and she loves to cuddle up to both of us. When she cant find one of us she whines for us until we call her name. My boyfriend bought her for me since we cant have kids together Charlie Moo is our baby. I want to take her everywhere with me. She rides great in the car. She is doing great on going to the potty outside. She just started crate training today and Im hating it cause I hate to hear her whine :( I cant wait to see her every night. She hasnt really barked yet, just whined. I can already see that she thinks shes a big bad dog sometimes with the way she plays with her toys. She is very cuddly. Im so happy that I have my Charlie Moo, I will definitely be adding to my family again with another Chiweenie one day. Charlie Moo seems to a rare kinda Chiweenie because she is white with black spots and has big blue eyes.

Posted: 10/9/2010 6:37:36 PM by CharlieMoo
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