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 Location:LURAY, VA (United States)

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Name:gizmoView My Bio
Breed:ShiChiView My Gallery
Age:14 years 3 days

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well i dont know much a all about this breed i can tell you about my baby gizmo and what hes like hes 3months old ive had him since he was 8weeks old he was very loving and laid back hes now 3 months and ive noticed some personality changes in him hes became very moody and he growls alot and if you dont do something he likes he has snaped at me a couple of times but for the most part hes loving hes very funny the way he acts he dose funny things his face expressions he acts tough but hes a scaredycat when someone knocks at the door in comes in he growls n barks but he runs and hides at the same time one time he was in the entry way eating a treat and my husband came home from work and he walk trough the door gizmo heard someone behind him he didnt look up he took off howling ran staight into the wall ran through the living room and was pooping while he was running through the living room my husband looked at me and said i guess i scared the shit out of him lol if anyone eles has a shi-chi or has any info on them please let me know i would like to all i possibly can i mainly like to know about there teperment being hes kind of snaping at us sometimes

Posted: 4/8/2009 6:56:16 AM by smelser2009
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