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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > My Male Keeps Humping My Female

My Male Keeps Humping My Female

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I have a male schnauzer who is not fixed, a female that is fixed and a new baby schneagle who is not old enough to be fixed. My Male schnauzer is not fixed and he keeps on trying to hump the female schnauzer that is fixed. He shows no attention to the puppy (which is fine b/c she is too young to yet be fixed). Needless to say, he is driving us nuts. Is this normal? We keep correcting him and telling him no. We have a "pet room" for our animals and the girls are crated at night, so that's not an issue, it's more frustrating then anything. When we let them outside to go potty, he won't go until we let the female (who is fixed) back into the house. I called the vet and they said that there was no way our female could be into heat. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Yes, it is a frustrating thing. We are going thru it too. We have a 2.5 year old fixed male Chipoo (Logan) (who everyone thinks looks like a Schnauzer) who periodically tries to hump our 2.5 year old fixed female Chipoo (Lacey). We have tried correcting him which helps at the time but later he will try it again. We adopted 14 week old a male German Shepherd mix (Lance) from our local shelter 4 weeks ago (He is also fixed, yes it seems very young but he was fixed when we adopted him). Logan has begun trying to mount him as well. I have read that that can be a sign of dominance and not necessarily just humping. Which I believe may be the case when Logan mounts Lance. You can keep correcting him it may help. I have heard that the only sure way to stop a male dog from humping is to get him fixed, but ours still does it so I don't buy that. He may just be trying to assert his dominance over the female not that this helps you much. Sorry, I can't help more but it may give you something to think about. Good Luck[8D]
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We are now up to 4 dogs and have had this problem every time we add a new dog. It is definately a dominance issue. The dominant dog has to reestablish his position in the pack. You will see even two females do this as the younger one becomes mature. My smallest dog tries to show her dominance over the rest even though she is only 2.5 lbs and Fugly the biggest is over 20 lbs. It should get better in time.

Yes it is normal. The male needs to be fixed or he will keep humping the female. From hormones. Even if the female is fixed, it isn't going to change anything. He needs to be fixed too, or else he won't stop.

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