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Shasta's Bio

joined 5/16/2012

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Shasta the Apricot Fawn Female Labrashepherd / Stands 23 inches tall / Weighs 67 lbs / Born 3/3/2003 in California / Lives with angelicaflorine in Elyria, OH (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Shasta Girl, Shasta Elaine, Mama's Girl, Mama's, or Mami
Came From
She is a super fun, sweet and loving girl! I couldn't have asked for a better dog.
Favorite Toy
She goes bonkers for her stuffed cupcakes that I got at Target
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Food
Cheese (and dog food)
Favorite Treat
Dentastix! She can smell them coming miles away!
Favorite Trick
Talking -- we talk back and forth
Favorite Place To Sleep
In the closet, buried in clothes
Favorite Place To Play
In the big living room with daddy
Favorite Place To Walk
Around our neighborhood
Cuddling with mommy, being silly, and getting baths!
Having her toenails trimmed and bananas
Shasta's Story & Details
When I first got my Shasta girl, I was looking for a young female dog to go along with my older male, very territorial Golden Retriever. I searched the pound for weeks for a young girl to rescue. I found one. She was perfect. She was a runaway, has white fur with gray specks and was very sweet. The day before I would be allowed to take her home, I sat at her cage. I told her, "tomorrow's the day!" Just then a pound worker came around the corner and said her family was coming for her. Devastated and upset at the amount of time I spent there bonding, I called my parents and told them the dog I wanted was gone. I cried. I really wanted her. My mom told me to go back to the front and see if there were any other dogs that were a year old. They directed me to another cage in the back of the pound. I went and saw the dog and felt no connection. I dipped my head down, dragged my feet and began to leave. Two-three cages down a little girl was whimpering. I looked up. There she was. Love at first sight. She sat looking up at me with her big brown eyes, black outlines around her beautiful eyes and a huge pearly white smile. I knew then she was mine.

I adopted Shasta after seeing if she would be compatible with my older dog. She was! She was even in LOVE with him. He even loved her too! It was a perfect harmony. We moved from California that year to Maryland. Champ, the older dog, passed away. We got a black lab that Shasta wasn't as in love with, but loved to play with and then, a few years later, we moved to Ohio.

Shasta is my soul mate. I can't imagine life without her. She has been my best friend when I couldn't trust people. She let me hold her and cry when I lost two babies. She let me vent and cling to her when I was raped.

I always knew dogs were great companions and I also knew they were great for therapy. I just never knew the depth of these perfect, loving creatures until I needed one.

Shasta has never had any formal training. She is very, very, VERY well behaved and listens to ME for everything. The only time she becomes unruly is when she is on her leash, but I just get her attention and she's back to normal. :)

Shasta's Puppy Pad

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