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Our friends have a Dox-Bull named Hoagie. He is solid red in color and very much resembles a dox on steroids. He smiles and reminds me of our daughters pure pit named Yuma, so I say he's Yuma reincarnated. He is the most affectionate dog I've ever been around. All he wants to do is play and be loved. My daughter's dog was also very affectionate. I will never label pit-bulls as being mean and overly agressive because it's not the dog it's the owner who trains them to be that way.

Posted: 1/2/2012 10:53:04 AM by Anonymous

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Family dog

NOT a family dog. These dogs are too small to have around children. I 100% disapprove of having dogs under 10 lbs anywhere near kids. Kids are far too aggressive with animals. I won't let my dog near kids.

Posted: 1/2/2012 10:33:47 AM by BellaBonBon

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We have a "rescue" Lab/Chow mix named Cadie, now for two years, overall she is a great dog.

She is solid black, except around each eye is a brown ring of hair, which is what attracted us to saving her. I think she has the build of the Lab, the ears of the Chow and the black spotted tongue.

Learning what we did about Chows, we did our best to socialize her with other people. She is very stand-offish with visitors, rarely letting anyone pet her, often staying in the same room keeping a careful eye on visitors and growling if they try to pet her. She has not ever shown any signs of aggressiveness outside of the growl or trying to bite anyone even when they push to pet her. Otherwise she is completely at home with the two of us, could not be a better dog.

Cadie was very easy to house break and to learn to sit, shake, stay, lay and to operate a treat machine which is in the shape of a bubble gum machine with a big bone type lever which must be operated to get the treat.

We have a 15 year old Schnoodle which sleeps all day and Cadie ignores and an eight year old Schnoodle that Cadile loves to play with, but she plays rougher than what the other dog likes, but overall the coexist very well.

Yes she sheds, loves to play tug of war and starts every night at the foot of our bed, but soon gets down and sleeps on the floor.

I hope your experience with a Chow/Lab mix works out as well as our Cadie has.

Posted: 12/10/2011 11:03:18 AM by Anonymous

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A fantastic black cavador. Soooooooooo easy to train and great personality. Not yappy, cute little bark and very friendly. Couldn't ask for more. Fits in with the family beautifully.
Posted: 12/10/2011 10:53:14 AM by Anonymous

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Just a week or so after my 14 yr old Cairn died. I found myself looking at dogs online, almost obsessively. I'm not sure why because I always said after Ruby, there wouldn't be another. I contacted someone about an adorable soft coated wheaten but she had already found a new home. A few days later I saw an ad on Craigslist for a dachshund/yorkie mix. Hmm, that might be nice I did want a small dog like a yorkie that I could dress up as my boys are in their 20s and I've had nothing to do with dressing them for many years. My grandmother has an elegant dachshund named Olivia who loves to be the center of attention. I texted the number provided and a woman texted me back with her name and said she was at dinner and would call me back later that night. She sent me a photo immediately.I'll have to admit, I was disappointed. I expected a scruffy looking coat with a variety of colors like a yorkie. Gidget's coat was smooth and brownish red. I'm allergic and worried about shedding. The woman assured me she was rarely sheds. Long story short, I visited her the next day. She jumped into my lap and started licking me on the neck and face, which she still does today. I knew I had to have her. I paid the woman $150 and we were on our way. A few days later my son was in a serious auto accident. I came home hysterical and crying. I'm sure Gidget thought she was doomed to live with a lunatic. It made her nervous. It was hard juggling a new dog and going to the hospital and other medical appointments sometimes hours away. I almost called the woman back and explained that my life was too hectic for a new dog at the time. I'm so glad I didn't. Gidget brings me peace and joy. I can't imagine not having her. My friends say they can't believe how I dote over that little dog. She has a car seat in my car and goes to doggie day camp with Ms. Darlene and two other small dogs, her pals Jolie, a bischon and Peyton, a shih tsu. I adore he she is funny, loving, playful. I think she was sent to me to realign my priorities, now she is at the top of that list along with my son, who loves her too. A happy ending for all.
Posted: 11/27/2011 6:20:48 PM by gidgetsmom

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I'm from Sydney Australia and unfortunately had to put my Bodacion to sleep a few weeks ago.

Whilst that is sad, he gave me 15 years of the best friendship I could ever imagine.

He took quite a bit of work as a puppy because of the double cross of energy but became the kindest, gentlest dog you could imagine. He was still a good guard dog - even though he'd probably lick intruders to death if they got in (they weren't to know that).

Douggie was still going for fairly lengthy walks at age 15 and was very orientated to please - happier with praise than reward.

The Bodacion is a great dog which probably bonds better with one person but is still friendly toward everyone else.

Posted: 11/27/2011 6:08:50 PM by Anonymous

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