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Schnoodle Testimonials

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My dog is a Schnoodle

His mother was an Silver Miniature Poodle and his father was a Black Miniature Schnauzer. His name is Stassi, and he was born June 1st, 1999. He is Black with a little white on his chin, and has silver "feathers on his legs. He has the floppy ears, one more so than the other, and has a docked tail. He is long legs, 14 inches to the withers,like a poodle and he weighs about 22 pounds. He is very active and likes to have you throw the ball all day or he likes to see if he can catch the squirrels on the back fence. He appears to be "aggressive" when you meet him as he comes running and growling, but that it his way of saying Hello.. All you have to do is reach down, pet him and he's happy. After that he general leaves you alone unless you have a ball or food. He is very spoiled and if you don't pay attention to him he will "get in your face" and start "telling you off, for not paying attention to him". He is a very vocal dog, and likes to talk a lot. When he hasn't see either my husband or myself for a hour or so, you get that high pitched squeal that drives us nuts. He goes to work with my husband everyday and has since he was 4 months old. So he is in a construction van all day rain or shine. We leave the van door open for him and he get out when Jim is on job sites and runs around checking out all the employees and owners of the houses. He never goes pass the house Jim is working on, and never goes into the street. He gets pretty dirty so he gets a bath every Saturday, which he HATES. He has been going to the same groomer since he was a puppy. He walks in an immediately starts the "High Pitched Squeal", than they say "Stassi's Here". He is very good about being groomed but her hates the dryer. During the summer Stassi is clipped with the Schnauzer cut, but during the winter his beard is short and his hair is long. He looks like a bear cub. He is in the the snow a lot so we let his hair grow long
Posted: 4/6/2009 5:17:21 PM by Anonymous

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Wubby the Schnoodle

After owning a female schnoodle for the past 2 years, I can say that this is a breed of dog that I just cannot live without. Wub has been nothing but that most pleasant dog I have ever seen, let alone owned, and I am proud to brag about how awesome she is. My family members will actually come to my house in the middle of the day, while I am at work, kidnap her, and leave notes saying "Got Wub, will bring back to you tomorrow!" She has been a great family pet, being both affectionate yet gentle with both my grandparents, and my cousin's 1 year old infant. She is a constant companion, exceedingly obedient, continues to be willing to learn new tricks and rules, and gets along very well with other dogs and people. I walk her off leash often, as she always listens to my commands, and loves to be able to run in the woods and in large fields or graveyards. All in all, the best dog one could ask for, with her intelligence far beyond that of any other dog I know, and her willingness to be obedient and attentive when I need her to be. She loves to cuddle and be a lap dog, but will get outdoors and run around and play as much as you could hope for. Highly recommended breed.
Posted: 1/22/2009 7:30:25 AM by ChewieSchnoo

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