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 Location:mentor, OH (United States)

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Age:16 years 8 months 3 days
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New Pitt Bull Puppy - Is it wise?

i agree definately let your puppy grow up first . wait until he is at minimum 2yrs old but probably 3. UNLESS you adopt an adult pitty that has gone thru the adolesant stages. you also may not realize that walking both dogs at the same time may not be possible and going out in public will be harder to do with two. The only way to properly socialize a pitty is to take them EVERYWHERE! I have 2 pit bulls and a foster pitty as well as a standard poodle and a chihuahua and chichon. yes they are high energy but they are also couch potatoes and great cuddlers too. so for the 3 i have they are way more laid back than a bull terrier or american bull dog . MAKE SURE you get a well bred one that has NO FEAR OR ANXIETY issues. a pit bull should be friendly confident and eager. no one should be a stranger to them. they truely are the best dog i have ever had with kids and all people but they need alot of training and taught to have self control is a must but not as hard as you think just a "way of living" you must apply daily wiht them and it pays off huge when you really need it!

New Pitt Bull Puppy - Is it wise? | General Discussions

Posted: 4/30/2010 7:39:27 PM

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