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Our new favorite hotel- La Quinta

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My husband and I moved from Kentucky to Texas several months after adopting our two girls. We needed to find pet friendly hotels, because we just can't leave our girls in the car in their cage, it was too hot and that can be really dangerous.
 With a lot of research, we found many places that accepted pets, but charged insane pet deposits. Then we came upon a gem- La Quinta hotels.
Almost all of these hotels allow pets and do not even charge a pet deposit. Just make sure you bring a travel crate with you- that is very important. They were very accommodating for us and our two dogs.
Not only are these hotels a great place for pets- the staff is also fantastic and so friendly and polite, the rooms are immaculate and luxurious and the beds are super comfy. Also many of the hotels have very nice indoor pools. We've stayed there many times. Our girls had not yet started flea and tick prevention so I was a bit worried- but they didn't get any fleas! These hotels are spotless and they really seem to take care of things.
I just love LaQuintas. I always know that wherever we go there is one close by that will welcome us and our girls with open arms.

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Thank you so much for sharing this information. When I am traveling in the US with my dog I am now going to look for this hotel chain. It is great to have this resource and such a great review of the hotel too!

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