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I have never stayed in a hotel with my dog. As I have checked around I think it is a common activity. How do I find out if a hotel is pet friendly? I seems to be popular in the US. I am going to check and see if that is the tend here in my country. When I take my dog in the car I have a pet seat belt that I always put on my dog.  Any thoughts, opinions or traveling suggestions  I would greatly appreciate.

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Hi there,
Many hotels and motels will allow pets under 20 lbs.  However, most also have a hefty pet deposit as well as the requirement that your pet stay in a pet carrier or kennel if it is going to be in your room unattended.
That being said;  I wouldn't let our dogs wander around on a hotel/motel room carpet anyway.  There are all sorts of germies and buggies lurking in the fibers of the carpets...I wouldn't want my pet ingesting them when they lick their paws. 
No, I'm not a germaphobe, but I do love my pets, and I think they'd be a lot safer (though possibly unhappier) in a pet carrier or kennel the entire stay, unless you are outside with them. sure to keep an eye on your pet at ALL times when you're in any yard that isn't your own.  Once again, you don't know what other animals have been there, and if they are as well taken care of as yours.
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Wow thanks for your input. My dog has no problem being in her kennel. We use it when ever we go to Agility Shows so she can have a rest away from all the  activity. We kennel trained her when she was very small. I never really though about all the germs etc. but you are so right. I remember reading about all the germs an other stuff that was found on the bed top blank. This is very valuable information to know and remember when and if we ever plan to stay in a hotel with our very special and beloved dog. Again thanks.

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