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Discussions > Food & Nutrition > Treats > Dogs swalling large chews

Dogs swalling large chews

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We love to give our dogs dental chews especially Hartz dental chews with the tarter reducing coating. They love them. The problem is Logan will try to eat the too fast. He chews them for a couple of minutes and then tries to swallow them. There has been a few times when I thought he was going to choke on one. I am scared to give them to him anymore even when I am supervising him. I have noticed his teeth getting worse since he has stopped getting them. I brush his teeth at least 2-3 times a week but the chews really helped. Is there anything I can do to make him slow down his chewing of them. I think he tries to eat them so fast because Lacey takes her time and when he is finished with his he tries to be a bully and take hers which we try to not let happen. Thanks!

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I am sorry I don't really have any advice for you. My bulloxer, Chloe does that too. She chews on them for about five minutes and then tries to swallow the rest of it. I have had to pull a couple out of her mouth to keep her from choking. I still give them to her but not as often and just watch her close!Good Luck!
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I have a small dog and I know chewing is important to keep my dogs teeth healthy but she has food allergies. I purchased one of those antler chews for dogs that are available. They are a little costly but they do not break apart or spinter, as the dog chews it wears down over time. My dog has had the same antler for about 3 months now and she still is getting  lots of chewing enjoyment without any risk. I still always monitor my dog when she has a this chew. I would rather be safe then sorry. So far it has proven to be safe and meeting my dogs chewing needs.
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have you tried bully sticks? they are all natural and are easily digested and last quite awhile. i have never seen a dog turn them down and my 2 love them! you can buy them in different sizes and styles. i stay away from hartz products because i know of a few deaths caused by that brad with certain items. i have worked for a few pet stores and still work for one today so i know first hand when all the recalls come out and what happened with the products. the antlers are very good as well and do last a long time but my 2 tend to get bored of them. i hope you find a good chew, as with anything edible dogs must be monitored although i have been giving bully sticks for years and have not once had a scare with them.
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Yes, I have used the bully sticks. My dog really enjoys them. I need to encourage my dog to chew as she is not a big chewer. I will give her either a bully stick or an antler but I always supervise her when she gets these items. She has never tried to shallow the bully stick. I have noticed when she eats her meals she does not gulp it down she takes her time a chews every fully before shallowing.

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