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Weird food addictions

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My dog Fugly loves to eat pistachio's. He will break them right out of the shells and then he spit's out the shells and eats the nuts. He is totally addicted and I can no longer eat them when he is around or he will be in my lap drooling. My Chihuahua's love American cheese so much that we call it the Magic Cheese. They will be the most obedient dogs you have ever seen if you have a cheese slice or even just a empty wrapper. Do any of your dogs have weird food likes?

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My Malchi, Roody, is a cheese slice fool! He and my daughter have had this cheese chase thing for years. She will get a piece out of fridge, he sees it and the chase is on. She will run through the house with it and he will be right on her heels. Crazy bout the cheese. And vienna sausages. He will be outside and if he hears the top pop on a can and he runs as fast as his little legs will carry him. They are so high in sodium that he can't have much but he doesn't care, he's happy with a bite.
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My Spike does not like and treats is that normal? Plus he eats when he wants but his back bone shows, what should i do and is it normal too?
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my dogs absolutely adore watermellon.
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My dog does not get store bought processed treats but she does get apples, bananas, cheese, peanut butter, broccoli and carrots. She loves carrots frozen as chews. When watermelon comes into season I am going to try that as well.
We have a neighbor who leave peanuts out for the squirrels and when they drop them in our yard if they are not open my dog will open them and eat the peanut inside.

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