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Pet friendly in Las Vegas

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I recently accompanied my husband on a business trip to Las Vegas. Since I wasn't planning on going to any shows or anything where I couldn't bring my dog, I looked for a place that would allow pets to stay. The only hotel in Vegas that is pet-friendly is the Westin. It is one block off the strip and very nice. It is small and low-key, but does have a small casino. The people were very nice and love your pups. There were lots of other people with dogs of all sizes staying there. There is a $35.00 non-refundable cleaning fee. Leslie

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Hey thats great to hear. I was wondering about places where my dogs could stay with us if we go to vegas. Thanks for the info!

I just came from San Diego (March 18 2008) I couldn't believe the number of dogs out and about! Holiday Inn by the Bay is a great hotel to stay right across from SD Bay it is very dog friendly too and down the way from Sea Port Village which is also doggie friendly! I also came acroos this great outdoor mall called Otay Ranch, this place was outstanding not just in shopping but sooo doggie friendly! They had water bowls for dogs out at every 2 to 3 store fronts as you were walking down the mall. This place was just waiting for our 4 legged friends to walk on by!!!
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Hi there: I think pet owners will find that there will be more and more places offering resources for people with pets. Pets are becoming more and more a part of people's lives so if the vacation outlets want to attract everyone then they will start to make more available facilities for people with pets. They will want to compete with other hotels and vacation spots then they will need to be open to pets as well as general public. It will start to be the new norm among vactation areas. I think it is great that pet owners share with other pet owners what they find out while travelling. This will make it so much easier to be in the know while travelling. After all we all love our pets. abbylane
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There are a number of websites that list pet friendly hotels, campgrounds,restaurants, stores etc. My favorite is I've used it a couple of times when we traveled with our puppy.

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