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Hello I am a new member with a Shih Poo

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My name is Kathy I own a Shih Poo she is 6 months old. I found this site while searching for infomation about Ulnar Osteotomy. My puppy will be having this surgery on Sept 8th. This site is helpful with info and ideas. I am happy to be aboard. Sincerely, Kathy and Ginger my Shih Poo...[:)]


My Ginger had her surgery on Tuesday. Came home on Wednesday. She is doing good. Just having a time walking. Needing to keep her down is something else for a Shih-poo. She will have the soft cast on for two weeks, stiches out and then back on with the soft cast for a few more weeks. I hope all heals well for her, since she went through so much.
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Kathy, so glad she is doing well. I have a Chipoo that will be 8 months old on Sunday and I know how she likes to go, so good luck! [:)] I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
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Hi Kathy, welcome to the site. I hope Ginger is doing well and will have a quick recovery. So sad when they are going through something unpleasant. I have a 7 mo. old Chipoo, Edward, who we came very close to losing last month. You can read a little about his ordeal in the Sept. newsletter. We also have a 10 year old Cockapoo,'s been fun watching Edward try to get him to play, but, so far he's not interested..hopefully, in time! anyway, good luck..hope to hear good news about Sophie. Linda

Thanks for the reply my canine friends... She is doing better each day. Just got to keep her calm..
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sorry, I meant Ginger in my previous reply. I must have been thinking about Sophie, too! (Edwards girlfriend!) Hope she's doing well...look forward to hearing more about her

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