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Stich's Bio

joined 1/22/2009

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French Bullhuahua
Stich the Black Brindle Male French Bullhuahua / Stands 10 inches tall / Weighs 13 lbs / Born 7/3/2008 in / Lives with Stich in Antioch, CA (United States)


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Stich's Story & Details
We took this dog with a bit of hesitation. I was not sure what it would be like and could not find much info online. There were very few pictures posted of anything older than a few weeks... I already have a pure bred boxer that has been the best dog ever! But we moved forward with the F .Bullhuahua and are very happy with him!
It came about... my friend was GIVEN a purebred French Bulldog that would not mate with the previous owners other dogs. My friend had the dog roughly a couple weeks and BAM! The chihuahua knocked it up. The F/B gave birth to 5 pups, losing one, and there were two that could not come out vaginally. Unfortunately, those two died as well. There was one brindle pup in the litter and it matched my Boxer almost perfectly. So he was mine! We named him Stich because he reminded me of the character in the children's movie "Lilo & Stich".
As the puppies have aged, they very quite a bit in size. Mine looked the most like a FB and was very dominant when it was little but did not get as big as the others. He is certainly very unique and a neat dog. I get asked if he is Pit Bull & Chihuahua. He has a very playful demeanor.

Stich's Puppy Pad

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