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Bella's Bio

joined 6/12/2011

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Bella the Black Female Pinny-Poo / Stands 12 inches tall / Weighs 8 lbs / Born 10/1/2010 in Ohio / Lives with Peachiebaybee03 in Lebanon, OH (United States)


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Bells, BellaBear
Came From
Playful, loving, loyal dog. Very intelligent! Knows plenty of tricks! Loves being with her family and car rides!
Favorite Toy
She loves her rope and her fox toy.
Favorite Hobby
Bella likes to hide her toys and treats, she is an indoor dog but she likes to dig.
Favorite Food
Bella loves getting little bits of steak and canned food here and there, but must be kept on a strict diet.
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
Speak! She loves to bark to let us know when someone is coming!
Favorite Place To Sleep
At the foot of the bed or cuddled up with her recently married family.
Favorite Place To Play
Anywhere her family is!
Favorite Place To Walk
around her home
Napping in Dad's lap when he's driving, or with Mom when she's doing schoolwork. Also, playing with other dogs!
She can be a little intimidated by cats and is curious about birds and other animals. And she HATES hair dryers!!!
Bella's Story & Details
In December of 2010, I was searching and craigslist for a new family addition. My husband and I do not have any other dogs. I came across an ad on Craigslist from someone that had our precious Bella, and were trying to find a home for her. Bella has been with us ever since. I have had other dogs, but none as smart as she is, and as loving and loyal. She was very easy to train to use the bathroom with puppy pads in the house, and now that the weather is nice, she already knows she can potty outside. The only problem my sweet Bella has is that she can't stomach wet food very well. It kills us because we want to give our baby everything she wants and she truly deserves it, but she was getting sick from the wet food so we have to keep her on a strict dry food diet. She doesn't get sick anymore though, and is gaining some weight now. She is scared of hair dryers, but we just found out she isn't scared of the clippers, and we were able to shave her hair off for Summer. She was very miserable before because she has long thick straight hair. Since we shaved her hair down to about an inch, her coat looks absolutely gorgeous! She is silky smooth, and looks even happier than before! We treat Bella like our kid because we don't have any kids at the moment, and based on my experience with Bella, I would recommend a Pinny Poo to anyone that is able to devote time and love to one!

Bella's Puppy Pad

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