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Harry's Bio

joined 12/30/2010

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Harry the Gray & White Male Pugese / Stands 18 inches tall / Weighs 14 lbs / Born 1/20/2010 in Eagle Lake, Texas 77434 / Lives with Celise2010 in Austin, TX (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
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Came From
bouncy, very friendly, begger, cuddler, obidient and very affectionate and wonderful guard dog
Favorite Toy
Squeaky hamburger and ATHF Meatwad stuffed toy
Favorite Hobby
Thinking he's bigger than other dogs :), quite the "barker"
Favorite Food
Cheese and icecream (not together) and spicy food...weird right?
Favorite Treat
Dog Chicken Jerky treats
Favorite Trick
HIS favorite trick? Hiding my things lol
Favorite Place To Sleep
Next to me in bed
Favorite Place To Play
In our backyard, running through the house and up the stairs
Favorite Place To Walk
Without trying to jump and yank me around? Um around the block I guess :)
New people, treats, attention and baths
Loud noises, and getting his nails clipped
Harry's Story & Details
He has several brothers and sisters and was the last to be adopted, apparently this breeder decided to breed a purebred Pug with a purebred Hairless Chinese father told me that each puppy of the litter looked different than the other. He's very unique looking, he's got the head/face and the curly tail of a pug breed and the lean/muscular physique of a C. Crested..and of course the hairless pair. He only has hair on his head/ears, little along his back/spine, his feet and legs and his tail. He's a very smart and sweet dog...he'll be 1 yr old in January :)

Harry's Puppy Pad

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