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RockyTop a.k.a.Rocky's Bio

joined 1/23/2010

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Chancey Ann

RockyTop a.k.a.Rocky
RockyTop a.k.a.Rocky the White Black & Brown Male Rat-A-Pap / Stands 13 inches tall / Weighs 12 lbs / Born 2/2/2009 in Tennessee / Lives with stffrdd2 in sikeston, MO (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
Rocky first was named Bob or Killer Bob
Came From
Friendly High Energy
Favorite Toy
Rope with a pulley and 2 handles
Favorite Hobby
play&more play---tug of war
Favorite Food
not found the perfect food item
Favorite Treat
not found the perfect treat--like a pigs ear
Favorite Trick
still working on sit and stay--but can learn quickly just doesn't want to do what you want him to.
Favorite Place To Sleep
on couch or in bed,even at your feet,close 2-u if possible
Favorite Place To Play
anywhere the game is on
Favorite Place To Walk
anywhere so long as he is out
to be with people and to run free
to stay home alone
RockyTop a.k.a.Rocky's Story & Details
Rescued him and he had been running with a pack of dogs. He thinks he is a big dog, super friendly, cute, smart but off the leash will not listen. Runs like the wind and seems to forget to come back,I'm wondering if this will ever change?

RockyTop a.k.a.Rocky's Puppy Pad

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