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My Kiwee Babe

Two of my mother's dogs, a large male chihuahua and a female Peke-Pom mix, mated and produced 7 Cheke-A-Poms on November, 14th 2010. Three black-brown ones, 4 blonde ones, one of each color with blue eyes, the rest with brown. My two daughters, ages 2 and 5, got Kiwee as a Christmas gift. A close family friend and her children got a female at the same time that they named Cookie.
He loves to go on long runs/walks, chew and play. He's a excellent fetcher and this summer when he is a little older, we're goig to try frisbee and flyball. He and his sister are very loving and spoiled little dogs. He was very easy to train to go outside with few pee mistakes. He hasn't had a poop accident since early March. They don't eat much, they are fine living in an apartment as long as you walk them. Trust me, the won't let you forget their walk. Even though he is still teething, he doesn't chew ANYTHING around the house except for his own toys and chews. There is another litter coming in about a month and since everybody that meets him (them), adores him, they'll be gone before their born.
Posted: 4/14/2011 8:59:50 AM by Anonymous

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