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Weimapeake Testimonials

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We have had a weimapeake for 2 years now and she is an amazing dog. We have owned many many dogs through out our lives and this one is the most unique ever. First of all, she is absolutely beautiful. I look at the pictures you have online and I do realize we happend to get an unusually beautiful dog.Her eyes are molten gold - like gold leafing. She has the tucked tummy, but not as long a snout as is described. Her muscle definition is remarkable. Second, she is so intelligent. She is very verbal, understanding us and in trying to "talk" herself. I am really glad she doesn't have an opposible thumb - she would likely pass me up in intelligence! Sometimes it is a problem as she can open any door, find any toy, remember anything that works to her interest, even over many days. We have learned to spell many words around her. She lives with three cats and there has been no problem except some mild teasing - from the dog, not the cats! Third, she loves people. She is utterly loyal to us, loves to snuggle even though she is almost 80 pounds. It is like she can't get enough of us. She lets us know if a stranger comes into the yard, but then loves to greet them at the door, assuming they are there for her. She loves to interact and is very playful. She loves to fetch and play frizbee. The biggest problem we have had is her tendency to be very oral. Part of her greeting is to "taste" by running her big wet tongue over an arm. As a puppy she started to chew on furniture but we solved that completely by using a bitter spray on anything she showed interest in. (Hartz makes a good one.)We have had very little digging in the yard. Knowing how most American dogs get overweight because we can't resist giving her more treats than we should, we put her on a low-calorie food at about 18 months old. We play with her at least twice a day - fetch and frizbee - and she has kept a trim figure this way. She is a great dog and we just loveher!
Posted: 7/26/2011 12:42:16 PM by ljnm

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