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Great Danebull Testimonials

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The Great Danebull is medium to large dog with very lean build, small waist and large rib cage. Very high energy playful, loves to run and is quite fast. The ones I've been in contact with had a dane father and pit mother and varied quite a bit in size and looks. One is med.(female) size very lean frequently mistaken for a greyhound mix(because of body shape very muscular hind legs, tiny waist and large rib cage, very pit head (like a big block and has the pit smile) semi-large jowels, and decent sized ears, thin whip like tale that looks like a hook. Another (female) is more large med, very hound dog looking has been mistaken a lot for a Plott hound, still very lean body just not as defined large muscles, semi large jowels and bigger ears, thicker tail not as wirey. The last is a male is and on the large side very tall and wide, big bock head with big jowels and decent sized ears still the same body type just bigger. All need a firm hand but eager to please and very smart and attentive, protective but not aggressive with people or other animals, very friendly. All have a semi deep bark and keep mostly quite. Were mouthy when young and easy to break of it. Strong and needs consistant training and lots of exercise. Very fun dog but needs experienced owner.
Posted: 4/12/2010 7:37:14 AM by Anonymous

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Great Danebull

Large, strong, very high energy dog, but very trainable. Long and lean legs, body, neck, and tail with small, high waist. Very short, smooth coat with minimal shedding and dander with proper grooming. Stance is of a great dane, front legs coming straight off of the chest and back legs shorter and meeting the body at an angle. Tail is low, slightly curled upward and ends with a point. Facially, mostly pit bull, with lower, smaller ears than a dane, slightly upturned nose and high cheekbones and wide-set eyes. Also not as "jowly" as a great dane. This dog's gait is very dainty and dignified for his size. Because of his long legs, he is also an extremely fast runner.

Dog is very malleable in the right hands. He is extremely intelligent and observant. Obedience training is a must, and the dog, because of his size and strength, must be reminded at all times during training that he is not the leader of the pack.

His bark is low, much like a dane's, but typically does not bark incessantly. At times, he will softly bark and growl as if he is "talking". Typically, he is a quiet giant. His jaws are extremely powerful, and he can have a tendency to be "mouthy" like a pit when he plays, unless broken of the habit. He requires chew toys for very strong chewers, as stuffed toys will be ripped apart within a few hours or less.

Due to his size, he needs a lot of space to move around, and though his temperament is excellent with humans, it is not recommended that he live with small children as he does not "realize his own size and strength", and would probably knock them over. He tends to play "too rough" with small dogs.
Posted: 2/9/2010 7:40:10 AM by andrizzle

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