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SO I have been busy

by stffrdd2 on 1/6/2011 at 9:58 AM in What's new?

It has been awhile since I have given an up date on my adventures. I have to be on the leash most of the time. The female human I live with wants me to be able to go out the door and into her vehicle off the leash. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't hense the nickname by her "doggie do-doggie don't"
I ran out of the car door into the grocery store, been to the fellowship hall at church, and the best was the golf course. I was welcomed to 2 out of 3 places. I scared the little checker at the grocery store but I just wanted to say hi.
I am getting close to my second birthday and am alittle bit better than last year when I was just a new rescused pup. My new home is great, they love me and bring me stuff home from the store, or resturant, places I can't go always with them gets me a present. They feel sorry for me, and I do wear my pitiful face. So what have you been doing?
Rocky Top
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Making Friends in Missouri

by stffrdd2 on 3/22/2010 at 4:39 PM in What's new?

Well since being rescued by Missouri folks I feel like I need to get out and meet the neighbors. Most of the time I am on the leash but there are a few moments of freedom that come my way. I just got home from spending the night with some great new friends. They have 2 dogs and what a great time I had.
Now my humans looked and called for me several times, riding around the block and neighborhood. Even this morning she was out bright and early about 7ish calling and whistling for me. I did see her drive by and decided it was time to go home. Alas my new friends had gone to work and left me at their house (which was fine) and since I could not unlock the door, here I had to stay.
Well a few phone calls later, my human found me and left a note in their mailbox.
I came home, she was glad to see me, all my toys were still there, my cat was still there, and most of all my own bed. Ahh sweet naptime is calling me and dreams of my next escape (oopps adventure)
P.S. I even got a new present a personalized tag just for me with my phone number on it. Gosh I didn't even know I had a phone!.....Rocky
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