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Casper's First

by RosemaryMon on 4/5/2011 at 2:01 PM in To my Best Friend: Casper

What a pleasing way you have with me
each morning you howl to wake me up
who needs a clock alarm?

Patiently you wait for me to stoop down,
hug you and say “Good Morning!”
or from that spot you will not budge.

Off you then trot, head high,
your faux skin stuffed in your mouth,
making your face into a grin
Teasing me to play with you.

When I’m too foggy to play and plop back
down onto the seat, diligently you
lay by my feet and lick my toes awake.

Then up you get, head low, eyes to the sky
rolling them left then right
All of a sudden your face sparkles and off you dash.

Returning with your squeaky or rope toy
making a new offering
I simply can’t resist laughter and more hugs
and so your love has inspired my ode to You!

My Best Friend Casper!!

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