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Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

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Puppy Boy

by AinsleighRraine on 6/25/2011 at 11:27 PM in What's new?

energetic, crazy little psycho dog, has decided he's stealing my socks as tug-o-war ropes and such. i've made him a couple sweaters out of old mismatched socks. he's been doing really well potty training, and refuses to sleep by himself. other than that he's just a typical puppy.

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SO I have been busy

by stffrdd2 on 1/6/2011 at 9:58 AM in What's new?

It has been awhile since I have given an up date on my adventures. I have to be on the leash most of the time. The female human I live with wants me to be able to go out the door and into her vehicle off the leash. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't hense the nickname by her "doggie do-doggie don't"
I ran out of the car door into the grocery store, been to the fellowship hall at church, and the best was the golf course. I was welcomed to 2 out of 3 places. I scared the little checker at the grocery store but I just wanted to say hi.
I am getting close to my second birthday and am alittle bit better than last year when I was just a new rescused pup. My new home is great, they love me and bring me stuff home from the store, or resturant, places I can't go always with them gets me a present. They feel sorry for me, and I do wear my pitiful face. So what have you been doing?
Rocky Top
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