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Read our expert articles on a variety of dog related topics. Learn about health and nutrition, how to take care of your new puppy, and many other important dog related topics from health conditions and grooming to training and general care. We are constantly updating and adding articles so check back often!

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  What happens to all the missing pets?

What happens to all the missing pets?
Every year thousands of pets go missing and the sad truth is many of them never find their way back home. Many end up in shelters as a result. Some do find new families

  Puppy Potty Training

Puppy Potty Training | House Training a Puppy
Potty training your new puppy can be very daunting task. It is much like potty training a child. You have to teach them where it is and isn't appropriate to relieve themselves. Puppies are not

  Spaying & Neutering

Spaying & Neutering | Getting Your Dog Fixed
Have you ever thought about breeding your dog? Have you thought how great it would be to have a litter of little ones running around? Do you believe that your dog "needs" to have a litter of pups
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